Thursday, May 25, 2006

Call for welsh health minister to be struck off

This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC
Updated: 24 May 2006

By daoud jibreel

Hello people

Seems that no one has taken any interest what so ever in the open letter to the chairman of the IPCC, seems that the police are dragging their feet over the charge of malfeasance by the welsh assembly government towards myself.Given that Dr. Gibbon and the previous health minister is only to aware that my housing situation is detrimental to both my mental and emotional health but have done nothing in their power to help, not only is this wilful neglect but malfeasance therefore I am left with little option than to call for Dr. Gibbon to be struck off the register seeing as he likes the title but not the responsibility to patient care that go with the title.

Not only has my MP and many assembly members from all parties been made aware of these issues yet none have raised questions on my behalf with the IPCC or it seems with south wales police regarding the conduct of the local government ombudsman.So when chief constable when will I know what your organisation require of me in order to pursue that claim of malfeasance????

I have made enough enquiries but am still having the run around, and its now towards the end of may.We deserve better than this people, we deserve much much better than this of those officials handsomely paid to perform a duty. That they have dilligently reneighed on that duty in my case means that they could do the same to you.

Love n Light Crazydave."

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Well that was posted on the BBC web site yesterday people, and maybe its not before time. I have sent e-mails to various MP's and AM's from all political parties as well as the news media. So now its time for me to find the BMA web site and let them know about it as well. In the 7 yrs I have been questioning the use of public money in housing Cardiff County Council have paid £105 Million pounds to private landlords, in what I like to call their private landlord give away heaven, so they could have easily afforded to adiquately re-house me.

All the best Crazydave.
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